Sixty Stax x The Champagne EditSixty Stax x The Champagne Edit
Sixty Stax x The Champagne EditSixty Stax x The Champagne Edit

Sixty Stax x The Champagne Edit@sixtystax x @dana.mannarino

One of our biggest girl crushes at the moment (and probably forever more) is Dana Mannarino. Before you go ahead and think that we are just being biased because she happens to be a #SSbabe, think again. (If there is one thing to know about my sister and me, it's that we never give unwarranted compliments).

Dana ordered her first stax from us this past December and just a few days later we got tagged in a post from her on Instagram. This is when we discovered her page and it was love at first sight. There is a reason why she has over 20k followers and after following her for just under a year now, we can tell you exactly why in 3 reasons.

1. her photos are stunning. Not only are they professional and good quality but she doesn’t rely on a snazzy filter to make her page pop. Her edits are natural and organic which is hard to come by these days.

2. her sense of style is on point. Yes, she has nice designer items but just like us, she pairs them with affordable clothing. She is casual but girly at the same time and all of her outfits are totally realistic and better yet, re-creatable.

3. she is as REAL as can be. This is probably what we love most about her. The same way in which her photos are natural and un-filtered, her personality is genuine and authentic.

Learn more about this babe on her blog:
The Champagne Edit

Cop Dana's SS style:

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